Report: Assisted dying

On both sides of the debate on assisted dying, some arguments can be found that are supported by facts and others that are contradicted by facts. This is shown in a new report from the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics (Smer).

The report is a broad inventory of the current knowledge on assisted dying, with a focus on research and statistics from jurisdictions where assisted dying in some form is allowed. The emphasis in on the so-called Oregon model, introduced in Oregon in 1997 and currently legal in a number of American states. This model has dominated the Swedish debate on assisted dying in recent years.

The purpose of the report is to promote a more fact-based debate on assisted dying. Smer does not take a stand on assisted dying in the report.

Smer 2017:2 Assisted dying. A state of knowledge report (pdf 935 KB)

The Swedish report was published in november 2017.