Ungdomar i grupparbete

Youth dialogue on Assisted reproduction – What’s your opinion?

The Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics arranged a structured dialogue with young people on 3 May 2012,  to discuss and obtain valuable information about young people’s values of assisted reproduction prior to the council’s final considerations and decisions concerning the topics.

The council invited three classes from different schools in Sweden (students approximately 18 years old). An open invitation was also sent to youth organizations (for example political and religious organizations).

The students received discussion material on several topics concerning assisted reproduction prior to the dialogue and workshop. They also met the secretariat that made a presentation of the questions to be dicussed in the dialogue and the material:

1. Should we allow surrogacy pregnancy?

2. Is the genetic link between parents and children of importance?

3. How old should a father or a mother be?

4. Is one parent enough?

Prior to the group discussions there were three introductory lectures by Elisabeth Rynning,  professor of medical law,  Torbjörn Tännsjö, professor of Philosophy and  Ingemar Engström, professor of child and adolescent psychiatry and member of the council.

See webcast: only in Swedish.