Symposium in October on hard choices, QALYs and ethics

Warm welcome to the symposium  How much – and why – are we prepared to pay to prolong or improve somebody’s life? Hard choices, QALYs and ethics.

The symposium is arranged by The Swedish Council on Medical Ethics (Smer) and is held by the winner of the Smer Ethics Prize 2016 senior professor Göran Hermerén.

The seminar will address questions regarding how much – and why – we are prepared to pay to prolong or improve somebody’s life. To answer these questions we are not only dependent on the economic resources or on the technical development within a society. We also need to consider different underlying ethical values and aspects that are at issue: the idea of what health care is and what it is supposed to do, and which methods that are being used to calculate the effects of health care interventions.

Among the participants we have:

Ariel Beresniak, Dr, Swiss specialist in public health and health economics,

Emelie Heinz, health economist, Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services, postdoc health economics, Karolinska Institutet, Vinnvård fellow,

Kristian Bolin, professor of health economics, head of the centre for Health economics at the university of Gothenburg.

The other participants are: Elisabeth Rynning, Chief parliamentary Ombudsman, former justice of the supreme administrative court, former professor of medical law, Peter Höglund, professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Lund University, Barbro Westerholm, md, professor, Member of Parliament, Nils-Eric Sahlin, professor of medical ethics, Lunds University, Kjell Asplund, MD professor, chair Smer and Göran Hermerén, senior professor medical ethics, Lunds University.

The symposium will be held 20 October 2016 at Rosenbads Conference Center, Drottninggatan 5 in Stockholm. The event is free of charge but the tickets are limited.

For registration and program, go here