Ethics Day 2016: Self-determination, Physician Assisted Dying and Care at the End of Life

The Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics arranges the conference “Self-determination, physician assisted dying and care at the end of life” on the 8 of December. The event is free of charge, but tickets are limited. Welcome!

There is an active debate in Sweden regarding self-determination at the end of life and the possibility of physician assisted dying. Smer has been working on these issues for a long time and closely monitors the debate. This conference aims to follow up on recent developments regarding end of life care and the state of knowledge concerning the form of assisted dying that is practiced in five of the states in the US.

Among the participants are professors Wayne Sumner and Anthony Back who will give us a picture of physician-assisted suicide in Canada and in the United States. The afternoon session, which will be held in Swedish, will focus on the current situation in Sweden. We will also get patients perspective on the matter.

Come, listen and participate in the discussion!

The symposium will be held 8 December 2016 at Rosenbads Conference Center, Drottninggatan 5 in Stockholm.

For registration and program, go here.