Workshop 29 April: Ethical aspects on reconstructive surgery for children with differences in sex development

Warm welcome to a workshop arranged by the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics, SMER, in collaboration with the National Advisory Board on Social Welfare and Health Care Ethics of Finland, ETENE.

Day: 29 April 2015.

Time: 12.30-17.30.

Plats: Government Offices of Sweden, Jakobsgatan 24, Stockholm.

This workshop will emphasise ethical aspects of reconstructive surgery on young children with differences of sex development, as well as other questions related to diagnosis and medical treatment.

Differences of sex development in children raise a number of questions – medical, social/ psychological, ethical, legal, and societal. The main objective of this workshop is to discuss the ethical and legal aspects and other dilemmas concerning medical treatment and reconstructive surgery on children with differences of sex development. The purpose is to collect information for the ethics councils and open up questions for societal discussion.