Autonomy – to what extent?

The Swedish council on medical ethics is giving a conferens on the subject autonomy, patients´rights and advocacy.

Autonomy and self-determination is of central importance in current changes of the Swedish Health Care system. New technologies and personbased e-health systems empowers the patients in several ways, and emphasize each individuals responsibility of her own health.

Will the developments create new equity gaps between different patient groups? What are the consequences for patients not able to consent? Challenges for health care professionals? Autonomy is also one of the basic principles in medical ethics. Is the autonomy principle more important than other ethical principles, and what happens in conflicts with other values? At the Ethical day 2012, the impact of an increased patient autonomy will be in focus.

Autonomi till varje pris:  preliminary program (pdf 121 KB)

Place: Rosenbads konferenscenter, Conference center, Prime Ministers’ office.

Date: November 8, 2012.

Conference language: Swedish.