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There’s No Such Thing As ‘Ethical A.I.’

Should Doctors' Rights Come Before Patients' Rights?

Jonathan Moreno on bioethics and the transformation of health care in America

Do you, and should you, own your clinical data?

Scientists Add Human Brain Gene Into Monkeys

She was born intersex. Her parents elected to let her grow up without surgical intervention

Governing Human Genome Editing

The Gene Drive Dilemma: We Can Alter Entire Species, But Should We?

Podcast Review: Artificial Wombs and the Promise for Premature Babies (Science Weekly, The Guardian)


China jails 'gene-edited babies' scientist for three years

Screening Genetic Diseases In Newborns

Regulating the Secondary Use of Data for Research: Arguments Against Genetic Exceptionalism

Over half of NHS Trusts deploying AI – FOI request shows

Is AI paving the way to doctorless diagnosis?

Meaning of Ambiguity: A Japanese Survey on Synthetic Biology and Genome Editing

Harvard geneticist plans a dating app based on DNA

Second state set to legalise voluntary euthanasia

The Champion Who Picked a Date to Die

First prosecution of a Dutch doctor since the Euthanasia Act of 2002: what does the verdict mean?

Generaldirektörer: Mycket återstår för att motsvara medborgarnas förväntan