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Infecting healthy people in vaccine research can be ethical and necessary

Organ donation: Germany debates how to get people on the list

Embryo experiments take ‘baby steps’ toward growing human organs in livestock

Letter on the Ethically Abhorrent Treatment of Children at the U.S. Border

A New Way to Gauge the Chances for Unresponsive Patients

From one brain scan, more information for medical artificial intelligence

Robo-fish powered by battery blood

Anonymous no more?

A genome editing year developments since the nuffield

Scientist plans to make more genome-edited babies

France considers allowing IVF for single and lesbian women

China announces hefty fines for unauthorized collection of DNA

A CRISPR startup is testing pig organs in monkeys to see if they’re safe for us

What Medicine Can Learn From Doctors And Researchers With Disabilities

Whole-body PET scanner produces 3D images in seconds

Designing your own child: Australia's regulations

Russian biologist plans more CRISPR-edited babies

Stem cell genes altered inside living organism for first time

Commercial surrogacy is in senior UN official's firing line

Powerful CRISPR upgrade uses 'jumping genes' to directly insert DNA

Translation of genes more complex than expected

Parents should get automatic parental rights for surrogate children from birth, say Law Commissions

Improved human brain organoids to boost neurological disease research

Early-life challenges affect how children focus, face the day

Japanese hospital uncovers flood of research ethics violations

What Are Reasonable Limits to Patient Preferences About Their Caregivers? |

German doctors want human egg donations to be legalized

Reproducibility trial publishes two conclusions for one paper

CRISPR baby mutation significantly increases mortality

A Study Exposes the Health Risks of Gene-Editing Human Embryos