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Brussels denies EU rules encourage 'euthanasia tourism'

A genetically augmented future

Canadian report discusses expanding eligibility for euthanasia

Should We Edit the Human Germline? Is Consensus Possible or Even Desirable? - The Hastings Center

Policy Recommendations: Control and Responsible Innovation of Artificial Intelligence - The Hastings Center

Mapping the Brain’s Genetic Landscape

Crispr Babies, IVF, and the Ethics of Genetic Class Warfare

Vaccine candidates for poor nations are going to waste

DNA tests can come with a placebo effect

Bypassing paralysis

Prenatal gene therapy offers the earliest possible cure

Organ donors to be asked if they are religious

What Defines a Stem Cell? Scientists Rethink the Answer

A new way to cut medical errors: talk more to patients and families

Are uterus transplants ethically acceptable?

'They Will Be Studied for the Rest of Their Lives' How China's Gene-Edited Twins Could Be Forever Changed By Controversial CRISPR Work

Despite CRISPR baby controversy, Harvard University will begin gene-editing sperm

In China, Gene-Edited Babies Are the Latest in a String of Ethical Dilemmas

Sperm Donation and the Rise of Donor-Sibling Networks

Baby girl becomes first born after womb transplant from deceased donor

Could anyone have stopped gene-edited babies experiment?