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Coronavirus contact-tracing apps: can they slow the spread of COVID-19?

Is the Pandemic Sparking Suicide?

Most parents concerned about privacy, body image impact of tweens using health apps

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Setting ethical guidelines for controlled human COVID-19 infection studies on human volunteers

India is forcing people to use its covid app, unlike any other democracy

Reopenings Mark a New Phase: Global ‘Trial-and-Error’ Played Out in Lives

The Problem With Stories About Dangerous Coronavirus Mutations

To find a coronavirus vaccine, can we ethically infect people with a disease with no cure?

Downloading COVID-19 contact tracing apps is a moral obligation

PDF [218 KB] Figures Save Share Reprints Request COVID-19 immunity passports and vaccination certificates: scientific, equitable, and legal challenges

Three potential futures for Covid-19: recurring small outbreaks, a monster wave, or a persistent crisis

The Morally Complex Mix of Euthanasia and Organ Donation Canada’s recent experience with terminally ill patients is instructive


Scores of coronavirus vaccines are in competition — how will scientists choose the best?

Are infertility treatments ‘essential’? How to ethically determine what kind of care must go on amid Covid-19

New Coronavirus Safety Measures Pose Challenges For The Deaf And Hard-Of-Hearing

Twitter opens up data for researchers to study COVID-19 tweets