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AP-NORC Poll - If DNA shows health risks, most want to know

A smart pill could improve adherence to PrEP, the HIV prevention drug, study finds

Profiles For Sale - How Bits Of Captured Data Paint A Valuable Picture Of Your Health

Synthetic mouse embryos develop to new key stage of life

DNA damage from CRISPR 'seriously underestimated'

Euthanasia up by 13% as three minors elect for early exit

Genetically testing human embryos - what you need to know about the debate

Genetically modified babies given go ahead by UK ethics body

Heritable genome editing could be acceptable, says leading ethics body

CRISPR makes cancer cells turncoats that attack tumor, mouse study finds

The Bioethics of AI in the Healthcare Industry

From Gene-Editing Cures to Bioweapon Nightmare

Seven ways IVF changed the world – from Louise Brown to stem-cell research

Polio - Why outbreaks still happen

Iceland's ethical debate - Should DNA donors be told if they are predisposed to a deadly disease?

Scientists use CRISPR in human sperm cells

Ageing Japan - Robots' role in future of elder care

Exoskeleton that allows humans to work and play for longer

German Health Ministry calls for ban on euthanasia drugs

There’s no limit to longevity, says study that revives human lifespan debate

Spain leads the world in organ donation. What’s stopping other countries catching up?

Study challenges widely held view that we spend too much on the dying

Taming the Gene Genie

Palliative Sedation, an End-of-Life Practice That Is Legal Everywhere

Europe’s biggest research fund cracks down on ‘ethics dumping’

The labs growing human embryos for longer than ever before

Routine DNA tests will put NHS at the 'forefront of medicine'

Australian Senate endorses mitochondrial donation


Emerging stem cell ethics

Pain Is Weird. Making Bionic Arms Feel Pain Is Even Weirder

'Conscientious objection' - when doctors' beliefs are a barrier to abortion

Number of Canadians choosing medically assisted death jumps 30%

Genome study finds shared genes in psychiatric disorders

Could Artificial Intelligence Take the Art out of Medicine?

Google Is Training Machines to Predict When a Patient Will Die - Bloomberg

Why women from poor families become egg donors for infertile couples

The strongest defence against genetic discrimination

That ‘Living Will’ You Signed? At The ER, It Could Be Open To Interpretation. | Kaiser Health News

CRISPR-edited cells might cause cancer, two studies find

'New Morality' Overrides Oath of Hippocrates, according to the Journal of American Physicians and S...

AMA Rejects Recommendation to Reaffirm Opposition to Medical Aid in Dying, reports Compassion & Choi...

With great genomic data comes great responsibility

Artificial intelligence will improve medical treatments

Clinic Claims Success In Making Babies With 3 Parents DNA

Meet Norman, the world's first 'psychopathic' AI

Portugal parliament rejects legal euthanasia in divisive vote | Reuters

First fetus enrolled in stem-cell transplant trial

Caution Needed With Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Experts Warn

Experts outline ethics issues with use of genealogy DNA to solve crimes | Reuters


‘Reprogrammed’ stem cells approved to mend human hearts for the first time

What does a good death look like when you\'re really old and ready to go?

The Latest

Chicken chimaera embryos reveal 'organiser cells' in humans

Polio eradication initiative meets resistance to appeals to destroy samples

Coma patients might feel pleasure and pain like the rest of us

Children, Fatal Illness and the Nature of Suffering

Congress Passes Right-to-Try Bill

Creepy 'brain in a bucket' study spurs medical, ethical debates

Guernsey rejects assisted dying after three day debate

The big ethical questions for artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare

New Toronto Declaration calls on algorithms to respect human rights

Clair Mermoud - Ovarian transplants give birth to ethical questions over fertility

Alfie's law could undo decades of progress on children's rights

Does a woman’s desire to get pregnant justify the risks involved in a uterus transplant?

Is genetic relatedness worth the risks and costs of mitochondrial replacement?

How Orphan Drugs Became a Highly Profitable Industry

Surrogacy review to tackle laws declared unfit for purpose

How Far Should Science Go to Create Lifesaving Replacement Organs?

How do you define “safe driving” in terms a machine can understand?

Spain takes tentative first step to legalising euthanasia

Human brain cells can make complex structures in a dish—is this a problem?

The ethics of catching criminals using their family’s DNA

Scientists build 'synthetic embryos'

Iowa passes 'fetal heartbeat' abortion ban, most restrictive in U.S.

No death and an enhanced life - Is the future transhuman?


Artificial intelligence will put a premium on physicians’ knowledge and decision-making skills

Biases in forensic experts

Dutch probe 'appalling' euthanasia of dementia patient

Experts Sign Open Letter Slamming Europe’s Proposal to Recognize Robots as Legal Persons

The UK says it can’t lead on AI spending, so will have to lead on AI ethics instead

Parenting of the future - Many embryos, each with DNA profile

First genome-editing trial in Europe gets go-ahead

Medical studies in humans often launched on faulty evidence base

CRISPR trials are about to begin in people—but we still don’t know how well it works in monkeys

Our surprise finding - Whatever a doctor's political views, end-of-life care is the same

The FDA just opened the door to let AI make medical decisions on its own

NHS Digital failing to uphold patient interest

Estonia to DNA test 1 in 10 citizens to give lifestyle advice

Hawaii Senate passes medical aid in dying, sending legislation to governor

Nature journal retracts controversial CRISPR paper after authors admit results may be wrong

Medical ethics

It’s not my fault, my brain implant made me do it

You’re a surgeon. A patient wants to look like a lizard. What do you do?

Brain-stimulation trials get personal to lift depression

Doctor-assisted suicide close to becoming law in Hawaii


Guernsey could be first place in British Isles to allow assisted dying

Rethink public engagement for gene editing

Science Is Getting Us Closer to the End of Infertility

Without Context Or Cushion, Do Online Medical Results Make Sense?

A global observatory for gene editing -