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Using CRISPR to manipulate eggs, sperm or embryos does not save lives

Etisalat demos NFC microchip implant

Biologists who decoded how cells sense oxygen win medicine Nobel

Brain Stimulation Shows Promise in Treating Severe Depression

Designer Genomes

Paralysed man moves in mind-reading exoskeleton

Transhumanism: Where Physical and Digital Worlds Meld

The Rise of the Deep: Eric Topol’s Deep Medicine to stand the test of time

Patients say ask before using medical records for research

N.J. hospital kept patient on life support for months to boost its survival rates, investigation reveals

Election 2019: Liberals would look at amending physician-assisted dying law, Trudeau says

Rodents With Part-Human Brains Pose a New Challenge for Bioethics

Will the future of CRISPR babies be decided by Russian president Vladimir Putin? | Genetic Literacy Project

The Rapidly Developing Field of Neuroprosthetics

Data61 using AI and gamification to diagnose mental health patients

Computer game to assist clinicians in diagnosing mental health disorders

Scientists are using AI and gamification to diagnose mental health issues

Study to explore ethics of deep brain stimulation in kids


Do the Law Commissions' proposals for surrogacy reform have the child's welfare at heart?

Trans man loses legal challenge to being registered as son's 'mother'