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Ordo-Responsibility for Germline Gene Editing.

First baby born to three parents in a revolutionary new DNA-switching treatment

Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board: report of operations June to December 2019

Debatt: Läkare om frivillig dödshjälp: Vi kan inte undvika vår plikt att hjälpa

Human gene editing: who decides the rules?

Republicans kills bill to criminalise doctors who treat trans kids after fierce backlash

Review ordered into rules on child gender transition


Bioethics, the Senate reinstates the ban on chimeric and transgenic embryos

Don’t Judge, Wait, and Know the Science: InterSex,The Body and The Self

Research leads to life changing improvement for some people living with depression

Donor-conceived and surrogacy born children's rights in the age of biotechnology

Posthumous sperm donation should be allowed, say UK experts

There’s No Such Thing As ‘Ethical A.I.’

Should Doctors' Rights Come Before Patients' Rights?

Do you, and should you, own your clinical data?

Scientists Add Human Brain Gene Into Monkeys

She was born intersex. Her parents elected to let her grow up without surgical intervention

Governing Human Genome Editing

The Gene Drive Dilemma: We Can Alter Entire Species, But Should We?

Podcast Review: Artificial Wombs and the Promise for Premature Babies (Science Weekly, The Guardian)