Kjell Asplund


Professor, MD, is the former Chief Medical Officer of Sweden and Director General of the Swedish National Board of Health (2004-2008).

Anna-Lena Sörenson

Political member

The Social Democratic Party, member of parliament, vice chair of The Committee on Health and Welfare.

Magnus Harjapää

Political member

Sweden Democrats, political secretary for the Sweden Democrats in the region of  Västra Götaland


Ingemar Engström

Expert member

MD, PhD, professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, Representative of the Society of Medicine.

Göran Hermerén

Expert member

Professor em. of Medical Ethics and Chair of the Expert Group on Ethics, the Swedish Research Council.

Olle Olsson

Expert member

Representative of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR.


Bengt Rönngren

Expert member

Deputy Director at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

Marie Stéen

Expert member

Representative of the Swedish Disability Federation.